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March 23, 2013

Saudi TV calls for a Sunni-Shiite War in Lebanon

March 23, 2013

March 23, 2013

Wesal TV, the Saudi-based Wahabi pan Arab TV station, has called upon Sunnis to unite, claiming that the "next battle is over identity, and not between Salafists & Ikhwan (Moslem Brotherhood), 8 and 14 March coalitions (the two major political blocs in Lebanon)". 

Wesal, which has played a major role in shaping the growing Islamist and Sectarian face of Syria's military conflict, was the major platform to Sheikh Adnan Al Arour, the opposition's most popular clergyman. Al Arour, a Sectarian and controversial figure, was known for his highly critical and politically incorrect statements on the Saudi TV; he is reportedly part of a financing network for some of Syria's fighting groups.

The TV network has also produced another controversial figure: Abdul Rahman Dimachkieh, a Lebanese Wahabi clergyman whose tone/language is very similar to that of Al Qaeda, except for his full support to the ruling Royal Family.

The tweets below show a similar tone, very escalation prone. The top two tweets are about talk shows on Iranian agents' attempts to control Lebanon.

Following the Lebanese government's resignation, Wesal tweeted, asking Allah to help "our Sunni brothers against Hezbollah and their allies".

 On the other hand, the TV's loyalty to the Saudi government is unrestrained, with prayers for the State's protection against its enemies.

Saudis are active on Twitter, presenting different views, calling for less engagement and interference in Lebanese affairs, and diverting all the funds to solve internal issues. Salah Al Ghaydan tweeted the following : "if all the Billions transfered to Lebanon were spent on our hospitals. Americans and Europeans would have travelled to Hael & Nejran for treatment".


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