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October 19, 2012

The Plight of a 14 year old Saudi girl, abandoned for shame to a Pakistani stranger

October 19, 2012

October 19, 2012

She was 14 when her Syrian stepmother, the father's second wife, sent her to a local shop. "I returned another woman; at 14, the Pakistani owner abused me, and upon my return, I told her. She feared repercussions, and selfishly asked me to return to the shop, or I will face death on my father's hands". Since then, according to Okaz, a Saudi newspaper, the young girl was repeatedly abused by the Pakistani resident, and then trafficked to Karachi, using forged documents.
Her father informed the police; the Saudi authorities launched an investigations, and interrogated the family members to find the missing girl. But the stepmother kept silent. After a while, local foreign workers informed the father of the girl's "escape" with an older Pakistani man; the family's "reputation" was "in danger", so the father claimed he "slaughtered" her to wash the family's shame.
In Karachi, the Pakistani Man took the Saudi girl to his family as his "first bride"; the 14 year old felt devastated, she spent her time crying alone in a room. Later, she realized that her new home is in Milier, a fundamentalist Indian neighbourhood which supports Jihadist groups.
For twenty years, she lived in poverty, working as a maid between different homes. One day, while waking in a Karachi neighbourhood, she overheard two Saudis chatting. After approaching them, she told them her story, and asked for help. They arranged a call with her family. Her father, after confirming her identity through her detailed account of what happened, asked her not to contact him again. Her sister was more sympathetic, she cried over the phone after learning of her tragedy. Nevertheless, she asked her to stay away to spare the family, another round of "reputation damage".
Following another call for help to the two Saudis, the Saudi Embassy got involved. Okaz, the Saudi newspaper, called the Saudi general consul in Karachi, Faleh Al-Ruhaily, who said that he received a personal request for a passport, but transfered it to the Foreign Ministry in Riyadh.

The Woman's Karachi home, and her Pakistani marraige certificate

Inside the Saudi woman's house in Karachi
The Saudi woman's tragedy continues in a patriarchal and fundamentalist society, and a Royal family that has no regard to Human Rights.


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