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October 22, 2012

The Prophet Mohammad's Mojo: 9 Women in One Hour

October 22, 2012

October 22, 2012

An Egyptian Sheikh, in a sermon, claims the Prophet Mohammad had marital sex with 9 women in one hour. He had, according to the Sheikh, the sexual power of four thousand men. According to the Sheikh, the prophet said that men in heaven get 100 folds the sexual ability and lust of men on earth, and that he has the powers of 40 "men of heaven". Hence, the Prophet has the "mojo" of 40 thousand men. But the prophet did not marry 4 thousand women, as he was not after lust in marriage, this is why he was committed to monogamy in his first marriage to Khadeeja. After her passing away, the prophet married many woman, and thus had the opportunity to live up to his sexual capacity.


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