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September 02, 2012

"Iraqi Hezbollah" releases "Obama Assassination" Video!

September 02, 2012

September 02, 2012

The Iranian -backed "Iraqi Hezbollah" has released a Video showing U.S. President Barrack Obama disembarking his presidential plane, and walking around with his security entourage. The Video's title is "Obama in Iraqi Hezbollah's grip".

The video was broadcasted by the Alitijah TV channel, based in Beirut, financed by Iran and working for the Iraqi Hezbollah, still a relatively small group if compared to Moqtada Sadr's Mahdi Army.  Another video, carrying the title of "Obama's cancelled assassination" features a member of the small group, saying that the operation was cancelled due to the presence of many civilians.

The Iraqi Hezbollah has also released a number of videos documenting numerous rocket attacks against U.S. bases in Iraq. The video releases come amid escalating tensions between Iran and Western countries.


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