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August 12, 2012

The "Libyan Guevara", the CIA and Irish Gypsies!

August 12, 2012

August 12, 2012

Mahdi Al-Harati was a Dublin-based Arabic teacher when angry Libyans poured into the streets of Benghazi in February last year, sparking a long battle which eventually ousted the Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi. Mahdi, now 38 years old, joined the rebellion; along with other Islamists, he was trained and armed by Qatar.
Al-Harati became the Tripoli Corps' deputy leader. Following the ousting of Gaddafi's regime, Al-Harati became interested in the export of his Libyan experience elsewhere, to the bleeding Syrian revolution, thousands of miles away. 
In October, he returned to Ireland, where he prepared for his Syria trip. A gang of Irish travellers stole 200 thousand Euros in cash, along with jewelry, from Al-Harati's apartment; when asked by police, he said that the money was "a gift by US secret agents", according to the Irish "Sunday World".

The website reported:

"A GANG of Irish traveller thieves are in the middle of a holy war - after liberating €200,000 cash destined for Libyan rebels. In a tale worthy of the John le Carre thriller Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, the scam artists from Rathkeale in Co Limerick hit the jackpot when they robbed a home in Dublin's Firhouse.

As well as a haul of family jewels, they stumbled upon €200,000 in €500 bills hidden in the hot press. But the homeowner was well-known Irish Libyan freedom fighter Mahdi al-Harati, who was one of the leaders of the bloody revolt against Gaddafi.

He has told cops that the cash was a gift from US secret agents to aid the war effort in Libya. Now the money trail has led to the traveller strongholds in Rathkeale, where €500 notes have been popping up all over the place."

The Irish website's report.

Whether the CIA and Qatari money and support poured in or not, Mahdi Al Harati seems dedicated to the fight against Assad. In the following video, he is shown to be leading the battle himself; Mahdi runs the Al-Umma (The Nation) brigade. He chose a transnational name for his fighting group which includes Libyans who fought under his leadership in Libya.

Harati is married to an Irish born woman

Most recently, the Sun newspaper reported that dozens of Irishmen have joined the fight in Syria.


This guy was Al Qaeda before he went to Ireland. He is a zionist fool and furthering their agenda with every shot fired. Breakup of Syria, like Sudan, and soon most other Arab states will facilitate Eretz Israel- from the Tigris to the Efrat. Idiots like Harati are the zionists' new Abbas and Palestinian Dahlan, implementing the zionist one world government by doing all their fighting, suffering and dying for the zionists- while they get rich off weapons sales and their own soldiers never see combat. The stupidity of these Muslim men to throw their lives away for their worst enemy astounds me.

U obviously dont know anything i have known mahdi all my life he was never in al qaeda and never worked for the cia he went and fought in the war in libya to help his family and his people after a few weeks of him watching on the news that his people were suffering so he went and help them he doesnt care about money he rather have his family and his people alive than get money he went to the war in syria to help the dying people just because he was incharge doesnt make him a terrorist he doesnt do it for money or for ths fun of it dont talk about people who you never met because you are probably a cocky boastful jerk that thinks your amazing when in reality your not

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