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August 26, 2012

Lebanon's Phalanges Party keeps "Nazi" Salute!

August 26, 2012

August 26, 2012

Pierre Gemayel, a sportsman, went to the Berlin Olympics in 1936; he was taken aback by the Nazi "discipline" in Germany. Fascism, whether Italian or Spanish astonished him. Pierre went back to Lebanon where he founded the Phalanges Party (the name was obviously taken from General Franco's Spain). The Christian Phalange party has to this day kept its Fascist ideals as seen in its latest conference below where the Nazi salute remains in place. 

The Phalanges party spread the founder's strong admiration to the Nazi Leader Adolf Hitler; many named their sons after him. The Nazi effect was also apparent in the party's ethnic cleansing policy against Moslems in Lebanon during the country's 17 year Civil War (1975-91).

The Phalanges has a small Parliament bloc led by Sami Gemayel, a grandson of Pierre Gemayel. They have previously participated in the government, and enjoyed good relations with Western States, especially the U.S.

Phalanges' Nazi Salute: Old Photo

The Phalanges Fascist ideology led to Ethnic Cleansing Crimes during Lebanon's Civil War

The Phalanges' Nazi Salute is still used in different occasions to ensure loyalty to "The Leader".

Fascist Marches are common, showing strength in numbers and loyalty to "the leader"

Amine Gemayel, the party's current leader. He is son of founder Pierre, and is preparing his son Sami for the job. 
The Phalanges displayed a strong affection to Nazis

Discipline, organisation, numbers and loyalty to "the leader" and his family

Pierre, the founder, and his son Amine.

Sami Gemayel, the Heir Apparent.


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