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August 28, 2012

A Young Kuwaiti Artist sings for Revolution

August 28, 2012

August 28, 2012

Arab revolutions have inspired a young Kuwaiti artist to come out with this video song titled "Like This" on the changing times in the Arab world. Zahed Sultan is not a mainstream artist; he is one of these boys who defied authority of the State and its established pillars, ever longing for change. Artistic, creative, daring, Sultan's video is a breath of fresh air in the Arab Gulf. Expect more of this young man.

Artist Title: Zahed Sultan
Album Title: Reuse Me - EP
Song Title: Like This (ha-ka-tha)


Man…now there’s a true Kuwaiti!

Out of the throws of revolution
Out of the fight against oppression and injustice
Out of a firm conviction in the rights of man
You have created a youthful country
A country capable of advancing
Human progress

What is it that pushes us
To concede to conditions
Like this

Like this
Like this

Supporters of love
And abhorrers of spite
Like this

Supporters of aspiration
Throw down your weapons
And embrace your brothers
Like this

Live as equals in the pursuit of righteousness
Holding your heads high
Like this

Do not be fearful of what you do not know
And always exercise patience
Like this

Like this

People of the Arabian Gulf
Coexist in solidarity with one another

People of the Arabia
Unite together as one

Shake yourselves
Like this

Shake your bum bums
Like this

And cherish the times you have
Like this

Like this


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