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April 03, 2012

Why I became a Saudi Dissident?

April 03, 2012

April 03, 2012

By Dr. Walid Amin Ruwayha
Today, I, a 73 years old Saudi, retired in Paris.
I would like to present a short historical introduction into how and why I became a Saudi dissident.
I firmly believe that if the late King Abdul Aziz bin-Saud was alive today, he would have been, unequivocally, an ardent Muslim Arab-nationalist dissident and most probably imprisoned. But why?
The Yalta Conference was held on February 4–11, 1945. The meeting was intended mainly to discuss the re-establishment of war-torn European nations. The bottom-line was: “….the right of all people to choose the form of government under which they will live - the restoration of sovereign rights and self-government to those peoples who have been forcibly deprived to them by the aggressor nations …”
Abdul Aziz, as my late father Dr. Amin Ruwayha used to call him, was able to impose his presence at the Yalta Conference. Although he represented a newly born, fragile and poor Bedouin country, he met the winners of World War II: The U.S. represented by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the U.S.S.R. represented by the General Secretary and the United Kingdom represented by Prime Minister Winston Churchill.
However, Abdul-Aziz, the courageous revolutionary Bedouin Muslim Arab-nationalist warrior, did not permit that his kingdom becomes a colony, whether directly or indirectly, by any foreign power. Nor did Abdul Aziz encourage foreigners (USA, USSR or UK) to gain a foothold in his Kingdom.
In order to accomplish this, Abdul-Aziz was assisted by different, ardent, other Muslim Arab-nationalist revolutionaries including my father. Together, they fought, endured, were jailed and died in order to create and crystallize the Muslim Arab-nationalist Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, based on the Islamic “Sharia”.
At the same time, Abdul-Aziz defended and protected Arab nationalists who were mostly Syrians, Iraqis, Palestinians and Egyptians. Together, they fought imperialist France and U.K., in Syria, Iraq and in Palestine.
According to the ‘British Foreign Ministry Secret Documents: For Your Eyes Only’, my father was arrested in Palestine, on the 18th of November, 1938, by British forces. The British Foreign Office Document N° 233, Reference N °. 0F/505/57, sent by the High Commissioner for Palestine, Jerusalem, on 18th November, 1939, and N°. 163 (2835/478/21) Jeddah, December 19, 1939, says: «On his arrival at Lydda airport on the 10thNovember, 1939, Dr. RUWEIHA was apprehended on my instructions and was placed in detention …. His passport which bore the number 155 was issued on the 8th February, 1939, by the Saudi Arabian Consul in Baghdad and is valid until 1940 ….. His attitude towards us is well known and his many contacts throughout the Arab world would enable him to do considerable mischief…. Ibn Saud seeks as a favor to him if some way of releasing RUWEIHA can de found … Am transmitting King’s request to proper authorities but fear they are unlikely to release RUWEIHA who is regarded to be dangerous“.
My kidnapped father was “placed in detention” as the British said, for seven years in Rhodesia-South Africa. He was a political prisoner, cruelly mistreated, never charged nor given the chance to stand trial. He had a piece of British democracy!
In reference to the above, I wrote in 1990, my Ph.D. thesis “Terrorism and Hostage Taking in the Middle East”.
Unfortunately, today in Abdul-Aziz’s Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, exactly the contrary is taking place. But why?
I was born on July 27th, 1938, in Baghdad, Iraq. On September 10th, 1938, my father obtained the following document: “Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Royal Legation of Saudi, ArabiaBaghdad. N°. 998, 15 Rajab 1357, 10 September 1938 (Walid, son of Dr. Amin Bek RUWEIHA). The above mentioned child is a citizen of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This certificate has been given to him as an official statement thereof. The Charge d’Affaires & Consul General. Signature and seal”.
24 years later, I was deprived from my Saudi Passport.
I was a diligent student at the University of Bonn/Germany, preparing my Masters Exams and Vice-President of the ‘Arab Students Association in Germany.’ I was invited to attend an ‘International Arab Students Conference’ in Cairo/Egypt.
At the time, the Saudi Charge d’affairs was Mr. Hassan AL-Shawwaf; we studied together at Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania/USA.
I informed Mr. AL-Shawwaf that I intended to participate. Years later, I found out that he wrote a ‘report’ about my Arab-nationalist political convictions and activities. His report put me on the path of becoming a Saudi ‘dissident.’
After attending the Conference, I flew back to Germany. My ‘friend’, Mr. AL-Shawwaf, got in touch to tell me that he received strict instructions from the Saudi Foreign Ministry not to renew my passport and to contact the German Government, asking them to deport me to Saudi Arabia; I was accused of “high treason”. He added: “As a ‘friend’ I advise you to go back to Egypt before you are arrested.”
I flew back to Egypt and, from there, accompanied by my father; we went to Iraq where I obtained an Iraqi Passport that permitted me to return to Germany and graduate, earning a Master’s Degree with distinction.
After being unjustly deprived of my Saudi Passport and charged with “high treason”, my name and that of my elder brother Faysal were removed from the Saudi student’s scholarship-list. My father was also punished; he stopped receiving his monthly retirement dues. A taste of Post-Abdel Aziz’s Saudi Arabia!
(Video: a Saudi Prince throwing money at a singer; Saudi activists have been protesting of high unemployment rates, bad infrastructure and corruption despite high oil revenues)

It must be mentioned that also in 1962, the Saudi Prince Talal bin Abdel Aziz and his four brothers, became known as the “Free Princes”. After handing in their Saudi Passports, they flew to Egypt and met the late Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser.
Today, in most Arab countries, if not in all of them, including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Arab-nationalists who refuse and resist any foreign occupation or presence in any Arab or Muslim country, are labeled and designated as the “enemy”; they could even be accused of being dangerous “terrorists”. Please bear in mind that some of these ‘Muslim’ regimes have even recognized the so-called state of “Israel”.
Shifting gears to modern times, what you will be gaining knowledge below was communicated totally by me, during an hour’s meeting on Thursday, 02/02/2012, to the Saudi Arabian Military attaché in France General Abdullah Al Suhaibani.


Who are these foreign occupyers? I fear my American Govt oppressing me and calling me a terrorist for wanting similar independence, civil liberties and related sovereignty.

It seems we have a common enemy, whoever that may be...powerful global bankers and businessmen?

I'm probably being monitored for what I write now.

I know the Arabs and the Persians, the Sunni and the Shia have not seen eye to eye for a very long time. We have similar religious, cultural and wealth division in the USA that puppet front men called politicians use to their great advantage. A divided citizenry is far easier to dominate and control.

I want to read your writing Dr., but I couldn't open the link.

Peace and health be with you.

Ahh, I found your book on

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