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March 14, 2012

Who is Sunni, who is Shiite? Saudi Activists unite at a wedding!

March 14, 2012

March 14, 2012

Mikhlif Al-Shammary, a human rights activist, a leading Saudi dissident, and one of the major Sheikhs of the Sunni Shammar tribe in Saudi Arabia, crossed the Sectarian divide by replacing a Shiite prisoner at his son's wedding in the Eastern region. Al-Shammary, who was arrested three times in the past few years, and was banned from publishing his critical articles, showed up at the wedding of Murtada Al-Jarrash whose father Abdullah was arrested following the Khubar Bombing in August 1996.
Al-Jarash's family argues that he is a "forgotten prisoner" who had no relation whatsoever with the bombing. Al-Shammary, who received in 2008, 20 lashes for filing a court case against a Saudi who called him an "impure traitor" for appearing in a photograph next to a Shiite clergyman.

(Al Shammary, above, with Murtada, the groom; and his letter of congratulations, below)

Al Shammary's message to Murtada:

My son Murtadha Aljarrash, may Allah bless him. I can not to explain to you my feelings when you chose me to be on your side today, in the place of your absent father.
I ask Allah in this blessed hour to complete your happiness with giving your father the happiness I am feeling right now when seeing you as a groom. May Allah bless you and your wife.Your second father,

Mikhlif Al Shammary


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