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March 08, 2012

Syria's secret negotiator with Israel: Alon Liel ruined the deal

March 08, 2012

March 08, 2012

A former Israeli official who negotiated a secret deals with Syria over the Golan Heights, declared that this strategic land, occupied in 1967, will never be returned to the incumbent Syrian President, Bashar Al-Assad. Alon Liel, the former director general of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, wrote an article in Haaretz, stating that the atrocities committed by Bashar Al-Assad means that the Golan Heights will never return to Syria under his rule. 
The Arab Digest spoke to Professor Ibrahim Soliman, a Syrian-American businessman, who was Liel’s counterpart in the Switzerland-based negotiations over the Golan Heights. The negotiations achieved a breakthrough after both sides agreed to return all the Golan Heights to Syria, and create a peace park that extends from the shores of the Tabaraya lake (Sea of Galilee) eastward to a distance on the Golan heights that will be approved by Syria and Israel. “This peace park, which will be managed by the Syrian police or Syrian park rangers, will be open to all nationalities to visit at any day from Sun rise to Sun set, including the Israelis without the need of a visa”, according to Soliman. 
Soliman, speaking from his farm in the United States, told the Arab Digest that the 2004-6 negotiations with Alon Liel were ruined after the latter leaked information on the talks to the press. “In two or three months, we would have had a peace agreement between Syria and Israel; the Golan Heights would have returned, and the Tabaraya shore would have been transformed into a park. Alon Liel and Jeff Arenson, the American envoy, leaked information on the talks to the press. This obliged the Syrian and Israeli sides to deny any talks”.
Soliman said that “when stability returns to Syria, and the foreigners leave, the Golan Heights will return to the Syrians”.  “Israel supports the Syrian National Council, and has an interest in dividing Syria. We all know if that happens, the Golan Heights is gone forever”.  

(Photo: Soliman, above, and below with Liel)

PS. Special thanks to the Lebanon Spring Blog  for bringing our attention to the Alon Liel article.


According to U.S. journalist Deborah Amos in her book Eclipse of the Sunnis, Bashar Al-Assad approached the Israelis again in late 2006 and talks began which contemplated an Israeli handover of the Golan in exchange for Syria stopping its support of Hisb'allah and Iran. The talks continued through mid-December 2007.

Mediated by Turkey's PM Recep Tayip Erdogan, negotiations were in their final stages when the Israelis bombed Gaza on December 27, resulting in the talks' suspension.

The talks did not resume as Olmert was replaced by Netanyahu soon thereafter.

Very interesting, thank you for sharing.

Alon Liel was pushing this hard and fast as a propaganda ploy. It would never have gone past the Likudniks and the rest. All for show. These thieves are determined to have their one world gov centered from the Nile to Efrat, as HQ to rule the world. They arent giving up the Golan nor any other land- including the assets stolen by their bankers around the world. Only a fool would ever trust an Israeli.

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