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March 22, 2012

Saudi Forces shoot a Qatif activist

March 22, 2012

March 22, 2012

By @qatifrev
Mohammed Al-Zenadi, one of 23 wanted activists by the notorious Saudi Ministry of Interior, was injured in Al-Awamia at about 7:00 pm by the Saudi security forces. He got shot but managed to escape (He was arrested later in hospital; check our newest report); his photo, above, shows him injured and lying untreated in a house. Witnesses said that Mohammed was wounded in his leg and stomach (photos of yet untreated wounds below).
There were reports about the injury of a foreign worker in the shooting area. Alzinadi escaped after locals surrounded him in a move that surprised and confused the Saudi security men; they were forced to leave.

The Saudi authorities provided no evidence justifying their arrest. He recorded a video of himself claiming innocence and that the Saudi forces are responsible for shooting Qatifis (a common claim in Qatif). He also challenged the MOI to prove their accusations against him.

In a similar fashion to other tyrannies in the region, Saudi official media outlets reported that 3 security forces were injured by an "unknown fire source" in Awamia in oil-rich Qatif (Eastern Saudi Arabia). According to the official media reports, there was a very heavy shooting around 7:00 pm KSA time, at a patrolling car. “We deal with the situation with what it deserves”, Zayad Alreqiti, the Saudi police's official spokesman in the Eastern Province said. “We open fire on those who shot us", he claimed. “Then we take the injured to the hospital and start an investigation”.
I called locals and gathered the following information:

The attack happened next to Alseha barbershop where Mohammed Saleh Alzinadi was getting his haircut. He was shot and injured in his leg and stomach. Some of the bullets penetrated a neighbor's house. No locals heard the alleged heavy gunfire, while the reports of injuries among Security Forces are most probably false as the Police's patrolling cars are usually bullet-proof.


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