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March 06, 2012

Saudi Forces launch more arrests in Qatif, Eastern Saudi Arabia

March 06, 2012

March 06, 2012

We received the following report on new arrests in oil rich East from our Qatif reporter:

- Faiz Alshamasy, from Central Qatif was arrested by Saudi troops while leaving a restaurant; he was taken to Central Qatif police station.


- Alsayed Saeed Ali Aljarash, from central Qatif, was cruelly arrested by Saudi troops from his work.

(Alsayed AlJarash)

- Ahmad Ali Aljishi, 21 years old, from central Qatif was Kidnapped this morning from the street by Saudi troops while he was going to work; he was taken to an unknown place.

(Ahmad Aljishi)

- Abdullah Hussain Alsafwani, 23 years old, from Awamia town, Qatif, was arrested from his work,  taken to the notorious intelligence department. March 5th, 2012

- Saudi troops deliberately ran over 2 youths while riding their motorcycle in Safwa city, Qatif, at night. The incident caused the two teenagers serious head injuries. The troops were driving their infamous Yukons on March 5th, 2012.

(The location of the incident)


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