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March 03, 2012

Saudi forces shoot a protester in Oil rich East

March 03, 2012

March 03, 2012

Our Qatif correspondent has been reporting on events in the Oil rich province in Eastern Saudi Arabia. After the first and second, we have been accused of raising oil prices; our attention was to raise awareness to the plight of a poor and increasingly repressed minority in an intolerant state. Our correspondent's latest report speaks of a tragic week that included 17 arrests and the shooting of a protester. Here is his final report:

Abdullah Alzaher, from Awamia town, Qatif in Eastern Saudi Arabia, was shot twice by Saudi security troops. They have shot him while driving their Yukons nearby "Roundabout of Dignity" in Awamia town, then pulled over and shot him again only a meter away. They grabbed him and took his body to an unknown place. The event occurred on 11:45 a.m (Local Time)

(Above, the photo of Abdullah Al Zaher who was shot)


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