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March 24, 2012

Saudi Forces shoot indiscriminately at an al-Awamiah residential neighborhood!

March 24, 2012

March 24, 2012

While Saudi government's newspapers like pan-Arab Al-Hayat and Asharq al Awsat newspapers reported that 3 Saudi security officers were shot, our Qatif correspondent sent us the following report on the assassination attempt on Mohamed al-Zenadi's life, (the wanted pro-reform activist) on the 22nd of March: "At 7 PM, al-Zenadi was walking in the Al-Jumaima street in al-Awamia, Eastern Saudi Arabia, near the health center, when a Saudi forces' Yukon car quickly approached him, then six armed officers approached trying to kidnap him; he resisted arrest, so they shot him more than once. Only then, locals rushed to the scene, so the security forces ran away after they thought he was killed, fearing a local backlash. While escaping, their Yukon crashed into two cars. Following the accident, Saudi security back-up arrived, and they started firing indiscriminately at the residential neighborhood, damaging some buildings.Al-Zenadi's injuries were serious, as two bullets remained inside his body, so residents moved him to Qatif's central hospital, where security forces arrived and moved him to the military hospital in Dahran". Image (bullet hole on one of the buildings in Awamiya).
Residents of al-Awamia organised a solidarity sit-in with al-Zenadi.

(Photo: Hussein Hassan Ali Al Rabee'i, one of the Interior Ministry's 23 wanted men, blamed for protests. His sign has "Freedom for activist Mohammad Alzanadi" witten on it).

For information on why the demonstrations are happening, you could check our article here.


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