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March 02, 2012

Demonstrations in Eastern Saudi continue; posters call for burning of oil!

March 02, 2012

March 02, 2012

Demonstrations continued today in oil-rich Eastern Saudi Arabia. Above, a photo of a demonstrator in Qatif raising posters in solidarity with Yemen. The smaller poster, left, shows an oil barrel; the word oil was written in both Arabic and English, and then a hand was setting fire to it, stating underneath "a message to America. Below is a close up:

The protests in Eastern Saudi Arabia have been ongoing for several years now; the protesters from the Saudi Shiite minority, a majority in the Eastern province, are only demanding end of all forms of discrimination in public and private sector jobs, improved housing (some live in shameful slums), and a ban on incitement against their faith. The hard-line religious establishment opposes any reforms, and continues to consider Shiites heretics. Recently, and when asked on the proper punishment for protesters, the Saudi Mufti cited the following verse from the Quran:

"The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land: that is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the Hereafter". (below, a photo of Saudi's mufti)

While yesterday's pipeline fire remains unconfirmed, our correspondent said that it's sure that "the fire was in that specific area, but it is unsure whether the pipeline had been affected. We think it is an attack, as the weather/heat level nowadays almost never leads to such fire".

Our correspondent in Qatif sent us the following report/timeline of events during the past week, leading to the incident yesterday:

Feb 24th: - The Arrest of photographer Hussain Al-Salem from his college in Jubail industrial city. He is from Alrabi'iah town, Tarout Island, in Qatif. He is the photographer of Fajru-Alislam band that chanted a song for the sake of martyrs of Qatif during the memorial ceremony of martyrs on Feb 21st, 2012.
- A demonstration in Alrabi'iya town, Tarout Island, in Qatif after Friday's prayer and speech in mosque of Al'abbas which its Imam is Shaick Abdulkareem Alhubail. Protester shouted "The blood of martyr is an epic which shakes the throne of oppressor". "The mosque is a redline.", "Sunnah and Shi'a are all brothers.", "No for sectarian discrimination, yes for freedom and dignity.", and "Our peaceful demonstration is not new kind of terrorism. It is a revolution against terrorism." Below is a video of the demonstration:

- A demonstration in Rev St, Qatif at afternoon. Protesters shouted "Our slogan forever, down with Mohammad bin Fahad. I'm shouting with no fear, down down with Naif. (the hardline interior minister/crown prince)" 3 people were wounded by the shots of Saudi troops. You will hear the sound of shooting bullets in this video:

Feb 25th: -Arresting of Shaick Jalal Al-Jamal, one of the 23 wanted people of Qatif that Ministry of Interior randomly accused by "Riot in Qatif."!

- News about the arrival of Saudi Forces to Tarout Island, Qatif. They were driving among the farms and neighborhoods and randomly arresting residents. One person was arrested, Mohammed Salman Al-'Oqailiy from his souse if Al-rabi'iya, Tarout Island in Qatif.

Feb 26th: The Arrest of Alsayed Ali Al-Awami, 50 years old, from Qatif by Saudi troops. A gun was pointed to him on the street, and was cruelly taken out of his car in front of his frightened daughter. She was left alone in the street after they took her father to an unknown place.

- The arrest of Firas Fathi Al-Hamdan from Safwa city, Qatif. Saudi troops broke into his house and beat him in front of his mother by guns. He was taken to unknown place.

- The website was hacked by Saudis intending to BLACK OUT ALL the news on the Qatif uprising from getting out to the world.

- Mohammad Salman Al-'oqaily was released after 24 hours in police custody for no clear reasoně▓

Feb 27th:

- Amid the undeclared Emergency Law and arrest campaigns in the oil rich province, Saudi troops were traveling among Qatif's neighborhoods and cities such as Central Qatif and Safwa city. They have provoked people by breaking in houses, stealing/damaging personal items, and threatening families. 11 youths were arrested.
Those are the recognized names so far:
1-Ali Ahmad Alrebh. Awamia town, Qatif.
2-Mohammad Faisal Alshiuock. Awamia town, Qatif.
3-Ali Abdulkareem Mallallah, brother of martyr Sadeq Abdulkareem Mallallah(1). Central Qatif
4-Ayman Mansoor Alkhamees. Al-Qall'a (The Castle), Qatif. Rumors say that the troops are targeting his brother.
5-Zaki Hussain Albandary, 23 years old. He was arrested from his work. He from Almadani village, Qatif.

Feb 29th:
-Saudi troops haven't stopped after breaking in houses in Qatif, they have continued to break in schools also. Alyamama and Alsahill Private secondary schools, both located in Central Qatif,  were broken into this morning threatening/investigating students and teachers. Several students of Alyamama school said that they were investigated "some hated slogans of Al-saud (Royal) family written on school wall by anonymous people last night". Ali Saeed Alrebh, 17 year old, who is from Awamia town, was arrested from Alsahill Private school.
-A small demonstration in Safwa city, Qatif at night.

March 1st:

-A demonstration in Qudaih town, Qatif at night named "Challenging the oppressor." in front of Municipal building.
- A huge fire nearby the oil pipelines crossing Awamia town, Qatif raised global oil prices to 5%.
- Amid the arbitrary and random arrests' campaign in Qatif, Saudi troops have arrested several people:

1- Alsaiyed Hashim Alshieban, 20 years old, from Qatif, from somewhere nearby Alhussain mosque in Alqal'a, Central Qatif.
2- Sheikh Fadel Habib Alruqaiah, 34 years old, was cruelly arrested from Turkiyah area, Taroot Island in Qatif.
3- Mahmood Alsheef, 22 year old, and his brother Ali, 28 year old, from Albustan area, Qatif.

March 2nd:
- Friday demonstrations under the title "Friday of Challenging the oppressor" (Videos, Above). A demonstration in Alrabi'iya town, Tarout Island, in Qatif after Friday's prayer and speech in mosque of Al'abbas which its Imam is Sheikh Abdulkareem Alhubail. Friday's sermon was given by Sheikh Hussain Almutawa'. Protesters shouted "People are free and precious, No for discrimination. Zainab said to Ibn-Ziad: We shall not kneel for anyone but God." And "O God, prayers are dedicated for you, may you release the prisoners?" And "By blood and soul, we shall sacrifice for you, O martyr".
- The release of Talib Ahmad Shanar, 24 year old; he was imprisoned by the intelligence services in Dammam for 3 months.

-During "Friday of Challenging the oppressor", a demonstration started at afternoon in Rev st, Central Qatif. Protesters shouted "Rightful demands, deadly bullet". And "Down with Hamad, Down with Mohammad bin Fahad (The corrupt Prince/governor of Qatif).  There was a solidarity with Yemen revolution through slogans written on boards.

This is the latest and most updated list of individuals arrested during this past week only:

1- Hussain Malik Al-Salem, 22 years old. Alrabi'iyah, Qatif
2- Shaick Jalal Mohammad Al-Aljmal. Awamia, Qatif
3- Alsayed Ali Hashim Al-Awami, 50 years old. Central Qatif
4- Firas Fatthi Al-Hamdan
5- Ali Ahmad Alrebh, 17 years old. Awamia, Qatif
6- Mohammad Faisal Alshiuock. Awamia, Qatif
7- Ali Abdulkareem Mallallah, brother of martyr Sadeq Abdulkareem Mallallah. Central Qatif
8- Ayman Mansoor Alkhamees
9- Zaki Hussain Albandary, 23 years old. Almadani village, Qatif
10- Alsaiyed Hashim Alshieban, 20 years old. Alqal'a, Central Qatif
11- Shaick Fadel Habib Alruqaiah 34 years old. Turkiyah area, Tarout Island in Qatif
12- Mahmood Alsheef 22 year old. Albustan area, Qatif
13- Ali Alsheef 28 year old. Albustan area, Qatif
14- Habib Ali Alma'ateeq. Tarout Island, Qatif
15- Alsaiyed Mustafa Mahdi Al-Sadah.
16- Ali Nasser Alshaick.
17- Maitham Alhamdoun
18- Ali Said Alrebh


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