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March 02, 2012

The Arab Digest's statement after hate mail, accusation of raising oil prices

March 02, 2012

March 02, 2012

The Wall Street Journal said the following on the Arab Digest's Saudi pipeline fire report:

The reports, from Iran's PressTV and a website called the Arab Digest, sent Nymex crude futures soaring to a fresh nine-month high in electronic trading. Brent crude surged to its highest level in four years.

The Arab Digest has issued the following short statement:

"While we understand the sensitivity of news on the oil industry, especially on oil prices and the world economy, we remain committed to free reporting in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere. Our Qatif (Eastern K,S.A.) reporter stated that the photos have been taken in the pipeline area, between Awamiya and Safwa. We have been reporting for weeks on demonstrations and government repression in Awamiya and surrounding towns; protesters were shot dead in Awamiya earlier this year, and demonstrations have become very common. It is only logical to expect an escalation in the oil rich Eastern province, and we will report more on the issue, trying to provide as much evidence and information as possible. The Saudi government controls all media outlets in the country, and has co opted or bought most of the pan-Arab media.
We have been receiving hate mail and comments from Saudi government supporters, throwing inconsistent accusations at us. Our website is committed to reporting on demands for freedom and rights, whether in Iran, Syria, Palestine, Saudi Arabia (Sunnis and Shiites), Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt... etc. The Arab Digest is committed to break all censorship, especially that of funding; we are all volunteers who have other day jobs in journalism and academia. Our only regret is that some of our reporters' fear to publish their names, out of fear of persecution. We hope that the Arab Spring, and hopefully a subsequent Iranian spring, will break these chains and dissolve our fears for good.

Sincerely yours,

The Arab Digest Team"


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