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February 18, 2012

Yasser Siri: Egypt doesn't need American Aid!

February 18, 2012

February 18, 2012

Yasser al-Siri became an activist at a young age in Egypt where he was convicted in absentia following the attempted assassination of the Prime Minister Atef Sedqi. After decades of forced exile, Yasser, a former Egyptian Jihad Group cadre, is once again hopeful that he might return soon; he has filed a lawsuit to cancel his conviction and is calling for a general amnesty for Islamists.

The Arab Digest has interviewed him, and here is our Q&A:

- In light of the current protests against the Military Council and military trials, why did you appeal to Tantawi? Do you still believe that the army could play a positive role in Egypt?

The purpose of my appeal is to support political prisoners and lift the injustice of them. .. These (Islamist) political prisoners were the first to oppose Mubarak, and revolt against his regime; so they are victims of Mubarak. There is a duty to issue an amnesty; they are not less of those pardoned by SCAF, and released. So my intention is to raise the issue before the administrative court, to say that the Military Council discriminates. The council has pardoned last November 334 prisoners who were sentenced by the military judiciary; the prisoners did not include Islamists!! The council issued a decree in last December suspending the implementation of penalties imposed by military courts against 90 defendants sentenced in 68 different issues, in accordance with the powers conferred upon him by law. .. Again, the decision excluded Islamists!!
The Army of Egypt is the hope of the nation, it is greater and more lasting than SCAF. So we have a duty to preserve the army. The Egyptian people and army are one; they are inseparable and indivisible. The Egyptian Army is not Tantawi’s or SCAF’s, but is the army of Arab and Islamic nation; it is the army that fought major wars for the pride of Egypt and the nation's dignity.
Undoubtedly, the Egyptian army played a wonderful role and sided with the people’s revolution, but the problem is that while the snake’s head was cut off, the remnants unfortunately remain. If Tantawi and his council if you do not work to return things to normal, they will join the snake’s head, while the brave army of Egypt will remain to defend its people and the nation as a whole, God willing.
The state of hesitation and confusion that struck the military council and the slowdown in the implementation of the revolution’s demands angered people in general. The demands in question included trying the former president and his aides for killing demonstrators, dealing with grievances and families of martyrs, treating the wounded and paying compensation. The council also continued to refer civilians to military courts and did not issue a general amnesty for political prisoners.
They must restore confidence through fulfilling the revolution’s goals and returning to the barracks. I say the solution is: go back to the barracks, and enter history; Otherwise, God, the people and history will not have mercy upon you.

- The Salafists reaped a quarter of the votes in the parliamentary elections, while the Moslem "Brotherhood" took 40%, were you surprised by the results?

This result reflects the truth about the Egyptian people, it was not surprising. The Egyptian people are Moslem and have chosen Islam. Islam protects the rights of Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

- What is your assessment of al-Nur party, the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic groups? If you participated in the elections, what party would get your vote?

In each district, the situation and competencies vary from party to another. . I would vote for the candidate who would raise the word of God. That will lead in turn to freedom and dignity for all citizens.

- The past year witnessed the decline of AlQaeda, what are the prospects of the Salafist Jihadist movement? Did the Arab Spring dismantle it?

I have said and I repeat now: the revolution ended all justifications for the existence of underground organizations in our beloved Egypt. And on the duty of every Egyptian Jihad and Jihad advocacy development with wisdom and beautiful preaching, Egypt is need for concerted efforts of all for the reconstruction and advancement of women and provide a decent livelihood for all the Egyptian people, until Egypt returns to its leadership of the nation.
Islamic movements in Egypt are required to provide freedom, dignity, justice, a decent livelihood, and provide care for all people in all aspects. This includes the elimination of unemployment, boosting production for a productive society, providing healthcare, education and housing which are fit for all human beings.
Egypt needs its sons’ arms for reconstruction and development. Those who do not believe in this have no place among us; let them look for another planet. Egypt, with the permission of Allah, do not need U.S. aid and international assistance, which affects its sovereignty. Let reconstruction, development and freedom be this phase’s slogan.


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