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February 29, 2012

Saudi forces occupy School after revolutionary graffiti

February 29, 2012

February 29, 2012

Saudi forces have entered this school in Eastern Saudi Arabia after the students drew revolutionary anti-royal family graffiti on its walls. The Saudi security forces were also accompanied with the feared Mabaheth (intelligence), when they took over Yamama school in the Shiite town of Qatif.
Qatif has seen demonstrations calling for more rights and the end of discrimination against this minority. Shiites in Saudi Arabia are seen by its government as heretics, and pawns of Iran; they are treated as second class citizens.
The Arab Digest has learned that the Saudi forces are doing a thorough search of the students to identify those who were behind the graffiti. They are also interrogating teachers to determine which students are responsible; arrests are expected.
The Saudi Security forces have also arrested a student from the Alsahel High School in Qatif, where they are starting a wide crackdown on dissent. Local sources have told the Arab Digest that this is the third school to be occupied, as the security forces have already stormed into AlQatif High School.


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