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February 07, 2012

Russia's Intelligence Chief in Damascus to negotiate a prisoner SWAP with Turkey!

February 07, 2012

February 07, 2012

After the announcement that the Russian Foreign minister Sergie Lavrov will be accompanied by Russia's foreign intelligence chief, Mikhail Fradkov in his Damascus trip, a report from Syria confirmed that a prisoner SWAP with Turkey will be on the discussion table. "Sham FM" Radio reported yesterday that negotiations have started between Damascus and Ankara to secure "the release of 49 Turkish intelligence officers" who "were illegally active on Syrian soil". The Syrian side has asked the Russian mediator that Ankara fulfills three conditions before the release:

1. Surrendering Free Syrian Army officers currently residing in Turkey. (An impossible request, likely to be scrapped later)

2. To stop training FSA soldiers, and to block them at Turkey's borders with Syria.

3. Iran will oversee the implementation of this agreement.

Russia holds all keys at the moment, and the Syrian regime is open to compromise on these requests, so it is expected that the Turkish officers will be released soon in return for some Turkish border vigilance.


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