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February 19, 2012

New links in Gebran Tueni's assassination?

February 19, 2012

February 19, 2012

Mashouq Al-Khiznaoui, a Syrian Kurdish clergyman, was in a European tour in 2005, when he held a meeting with Syria's Muslim Brotherhood leader, Ali al-Bayanouni in Brussels. Al-Bayanouni suspected that one of the Kurdish Sheikh's entourage passed on information to the Syrian regime, leading to Al-Khiznaoui's arrest and subsequent death in detention. In an interview with the Arab Digest in London, Al-Bayanouni said that he believes the death was connected to their meeting. He is no longer the brotherhood's  leader, but is still active and well respected within its ranks.
In that same year, al-Bayanouni met another person who was to die at a later stage that year: Gebran Tueni, a Lebanese Politician and editor. Tueni was active in Lebanon's 14th of March anti-Syrian coalition which succeeded in 2005 in driving the Syrian army out of Beirut. Since then, the Syrian regime has been accused of staging several assassinations of prominent political and media figures.
The meeting between Tueni and Bayanouni was held in Doha. In an earlier interview, Bayanouni said that Tueni gave him a plan for cooperation to topple Assad's regime. Now, Bayanouni does not recall that, and he says that all he remembers is meeting Tueni in a Doha hotel, and then discussing the Syrian situation in the lobby.
Is the Tueni assassination similar to Khiznaoui's?

Bayanouni does not believe so, as the assassinations in Lebanon where carried out according to different dynamics. The similarity between both killings is striking.


Silly Al-Bayouni! so he said Tueni gave him a plan to topple Assad, but now he forgot!? I wouldn't take him seriously.

But the interesting bit is that they met

In 2005, he told me that, but now, he changed his account of what happened has changed. I don't think Tueini had a plan, I agree with you my friend. But I think that they've discussed ways to topple Assad. The fact that they've met is by itself worrying for the Syrian regime, and reminiscent of what happened to the revered Kurdish dissident/clergyman. Regards.

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