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February 19, 2012

Israeli Army propagandist opens a TV channel for American Dogs

February 19, 2012

February 19, 2012

Dogs in California have a new source of entertainment: a TV channel by a former Israeli Army propagandist. An Israeli company launched a new TV channel for Dogs in San Diego; the Executive chairman, Yossi Uzrad, was executive producer of the Channel 2 news company and the head of the news desk at the IDF (Israeli Occupation Army) radio station in Israel. In a nutshell, an Israeli army propagandist is running a Dogs' TV channel. Are you sure your shows would not make America's dogs aggressive or convince them of occupying some family's home after moving them to a refugee camp?
Below is a Daily Mail article that has no mention of the fact that an Israeli occupation company runs the channel:

DOG-TV, a 24-hour television channel designed for man's best friend launched in San Diego this week providing animals with audio and visual entertainment deemed both therapeutic and stimulating.
'Very often people may say, you know, isn't that a little bit over board? The bottom line, it's not over board. Dogs are not living in the woods anymore,' Warren Eckstein, a pet psychologist and radio show host spoke for Dog-TV.
With flocks of animal scenes - hoofed, feathered and canine - coloured specifically to a dog's eyesight while coupled with music and sounds adjusted for their ears, the program advises giving pets 'time to adjust' to the programs .

Dogs might boycott this channel.


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