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February 02, 2012

Free Syrian Army using anti-Allawi rhetoric!

February 02, 2012

February 02, 2012

Free Syrian Army videos on YouTube are increasingly sectarian (anti-Allawi). Above is a recent example where the description is clearly saying "Syria's Allawi Army", then calling them "Assad's Dogs".
Other FSA video descriptions include slurs like "Safavid dogs". This propaganda rhetoric is increasingly reminiscent of AlQaeda in Iraq, which used this term to refer to Shiites in Iraq. The parallels between the two experiences are definitely increasing. If you listen to the background songs, you would draw similarities with Al-Qaeda's videos in Iraq. Definitely, an ominous sign of the Sectarian nature of the Free Syrian Army.

Many such videos, all within the past month, have been uploaded from Syria, marking an intentional drive towards the Sectarian War route. Check this video, for instance, described as "a massacre of Imams by Allawites in Syria". The man talking in the video warns Arabs and Moslems against Iran's ambitions. He also says the Imams died because they're Sunnis, and that Allawites are not Moslems.


Another video, titled "Arming Allawites to kill Sunnis" shows dead bodies below:

During last year, the opposition was shying away from such Sectarian videos, but the Sectarian trend gained more following with the rise of the Free Syrian Army.


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