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February 07, 2012

Confessions of a captured Allawite officer!

February 07, 2012

February 07, 2012

(Photo: from an older video confessions of captured Allawites in Homs)

The Free Syrian Army has shown yet more signs of its Sectarian leanings. In this confessions' video, the Farouq Brigades single out a captured Allawite officer by asking him about his message as an Allawite to the regime. He answers that he sends a message to Assef Shawkat, and not Bashar Assad, as the latter is "not a man".  Syria's Allawite officers apparently idolize the regime's top military figures, like Bashar's brother, Maher, rather than civilian officials.
(Go to minute four to see the Allawite officer speaking)

The Arab Digest has spotted another two Sectarian videos this week. The first is an Allawite officer torturing a Sunni prisoner, while cursing Allah.

Another video shows an old Allawite woman pledging support to the regime, and instructing her sons to stand by Assad. The video was uploaded by Sunni activists:

On the other hand, here is a positive video from a Homs demonstration where protesters were calling on Allawites to join them against the regime, chanting "Oh Allawite, do not hesitate, we are your people, not Bashar):



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