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February 17, 2012

The Arab media's newcomer: Mohamad Dahlan

February 17, 2012

February 17, 2012

Gaza, London - The Arab Digest

He is infamous among many Arabs and Palestinian because of alleged corruption, strong ties to the United States, and Israel. And most recently, Mohamad Dahlan, the Palestinian Fateh's cadre has been under increased scrutiny after clashing with Palestinian President Mohamad Abbas over leaking information about the corruption of his two sons.
The Arab Digest has learned from many Arab media sources that Mohamad Dahlan has become increasingly interested in new media outlets; he is behind a London and Beirut based Arabic news website, and is working on launching a new TV channel.
One senior Arabic media source has confirmed that Mohamad Dahlan is a major supporter/financial contributor to, a new news platform based in both London and Beirut. After surveying a number of Arab editors over the issue, the Arab Digest has looked into the archives of the website, and Dahlan's fan pages on Facebook, and we found links.

For instance, on "we are all Dahlan" Facebook page, Dahlan's men posted on June 16, 2011 at 1.35 PM a story from Arabstoday, claiming that Abbas's decision to discharge Dahlan was illegal. Another story from Arabstoday could be found here on "Mohamad Dahlan for leadership, Future building" Facebook Fan page.
From archives, we found a number of biased articles. For instance, here is an interview with Dahlan where they omit any statement from his foes on his case. Arabstoday even covers Dahlan's health news, reminiscent of GCC newspapers' coverage of royal families' news. In the comments' section, the bias is formidable. One could only find hoards of well wishers and fans of one of the most unpopular leaders in Palestine today (a coincidence?).
On the financial level, a London source told the Arab Digest that the news website is moving into a Kensington building in Chelsea, West London (one of the most expensive areas in the world).


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