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January 31, 2012

2nd Talk Show fist fight over Syria!

January 31, 2012

January 31, 2012

(photo: Abu Fadel and Ladkani starting the fight)

For the second time during the past few months, a Lebanese politician has engaged in a fist fight during a live talk show over the crisis in Syria. While the last fight featured the Baathist, pro Syrian Faez Shukr, and the Future anti-Assad Mustapha Alloush on Lebanon's MTV, tonight's fight was between the Aounist politician, Joseph Abu Fadel and a Syrian opposition activist, Muhieddine Ladkani on aljazeera.

Here is the fight's video:

And here is a reminder of last time's on air episode:


Most educated and informed arabs support the secular and open government of syria. We all know that Bashar Assad is not an angel, however secularism is still far better than a sunni islamic state where christians and others are treated like 2nd class people. The saudis and their israeli allies are funding and arming the protesters in syria, in order to weaken syria. Even most sunnis in syria are against an islamic government because they know that syria will go backwards another 500 years and israel will benefit even more.

Every time these pathetic cowards that worship Bashar the pig hear the truth they lose it because they have no answer.Aouns Party of PIGS is infested with convicted traitors such as Fayez Karam.There time is coming and the only place they can run is straight into Israel.

to concerned arab your secular garbage has no value when all you are doing is supporting a disgusting child killer you pathetic coward.Also we Muslims are sick of godless liars like you who try to spread ridiculous lies about Islam.Your master in Damascus is the Israeli ally for the last 40 years protecting the GOLAN Heights and killing and dividing Palestinians after his dead father in hell sold it to Israel.You inhumane piece of garbage!!!

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