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January 07, 2012

Lebanese Businessmen hospitalizing Libyan fighters!

January 07, 2012

January 07, 2012

According to a Lebanese news report by journalist Randala Jbour, Libyans are being treated in Lebanese hospitals, and that their treatment was being funded by Lebanese businessmen who are probably hoping for a payback in contracts. Here are some bits of the report:
Last Tuesday, a Mid Airways flight landed in Mitiga airport, 11 Kilometers away; a Lebanese doctor and two nurses were on board. On the way back, the plane transported 41 injured Libyans who were admitted into hospitals in Shuwaifat and Beirut. They will return soon to their home country, and might be replaced by more Libyans.

The Daily Star had a similar report a few days ago, and it said 50 Libyans were treated in another hospital, Rafik Hariri's (the father of the newspaper's owner). They mentioned that "the treatment is part of a joint humanitarian project by Lebanon and Libya aimed at providing medical services to wounded Libyans in cooperation with the Health Ministry and other private companies".


Nice one. Aparently, they are enjoying snowy Faraya in Lebanon :)

Caught by Matthew Cassel:

Cool photos, they are surely enjoying themselves.

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