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January 23, 2012

Jumblatt calls on Syria's Druze soldiers to mutiny!

January 23, 2012

January 23, 2012

(Jumblatt met the Emir of Qatar last week)
(Photo: a Syria Druze meeting)
Walid Jumblatt, the Lebanese Druze leader/warlord, has called on Syria's Druze soldiers to refuse orders and effectively desert the Syrian army. Jumblatt criticized Adnan Mansour, the Lebanese Foreign Minister, for defending the Syrian regime in Arab League meetings, rather than protecting the country's interests by disassociating Beirut.

The Druze leader has been escalating his rhetoric on Syria in the past few months. Many see in this escalation a return to his old confrontational politics with Damascus, and that his stances will culminate in his 14th of February speech. Jumblatt was staunchly anti-Syrian between 2005 and 2008, but he reconciled later with Damascus following a Hezbollah led attack against his former militia.
In his weekly article published in the Al-Anbaa newspaper, Jumblatt said that the Arab League initiative to resolve the Syrian situation seems to have “reached a dead end.”“Syria is heading toward more violence and is gradually drowning in a civil war due to subsequent refusal of all initiatives and proposals, [preferring] instead security and repressive solutions,” Jumblatt said.

He added that “the Arab League has attempted to resolve the Syrian situation, but [it’s proposals] have been rejected by [the Syrian regime].” The PSP leader added that “not less than 20, 000 Arab observers” should have been sent to Syria in light of the country’s total surface.

Some expect Jumblatt to destroy the current Lebanese government in the next month or so, paving the way for a Syrian Opposition friendly administration. Such a step might have undesirable consequences to Lebanon's peace and security, while geopolitical rent to all Lebanese politicians will reach another all time high.


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