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January 15, 2012

30 people expected dead after Ashrafieh building collapses

January 15, 2012

January 15, 2012

(Above: a survivor picked up from the rubble, and below the scenes from the collapsed building's site)

(photo: Ashrafieh area where the building collapsed)

A residential building collapsed in Ashrafieh, Eastern Beirut, causing the death of 27 people, and the injury of 10, while the death toll is expected to reach 30. According to emergency services, dozens were in the 5 story, 10 apartments building in al-Motran Atallah street when the building collapse. Till now, the toll is not clear, but 27 deaths, including Marie Ann Abdul Karim (15 years old) and three Sudanese, have been reported, in addition to ten injuries (including Lebanese, Egyptian, Sudanese nationalities, and two women including a Filipino worker were taken to a near-by hospital).
The most heart-breaking scene was that of Charles Bakleh (40s) whose parents were saved, but his deaf and mute son is still under the rubble; he stormed into the site crying, trying to find him. 
More buildings have been damaged and people are still missing, according to the interior minister Marwan Sharbel. The entire road seems like a disaster zone. Another building is expected to collapse so the residents were evacuated. Lebanese media is reporting that the building is so old and vulnerable, the heavy rain in the past few days may have severely affected its structure.
Emergency workers have reported at night hearing survivors screaming from under the rubble. With time passing quickly, it is less likely that there will be any survivors. The toll will be closer to thirty.


My heart and prayers are offered to the victims of this incident. I hope the government extended their help to these people.

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