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January 02, 2012

Egyptian women beat up Islamic extremists!

January 02, 2012

January 02, 2012

(archive photo-not recent-: Islamists protesting, and a woman in a stick fight)

Finally, some justice in Egypt! Egyptian women in Qalubeya, Egypt, have beaten with sticks Islamic extremists calling for restrictions on females. The extremists who have been attacking hairdressers and other shops for days, and have been destroying Christmas trees, finally got what they deserved from women defending their rights.
The Arab Digest stands by those women who face more pressure in the days to come, especially with an Islamist majority parliament. Ladies, Keep your sticks at hand!

(photo below: the first "women" conference of Salafist Nour Party in Egypt, where they won 25% of the vote. The photo is very symbolic, and reveals the future of women in this country: absent)


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