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January 16, 2012

Confessions of captured Allawites in Homs

January 16, 2012

January 16, 2012

During the past few months in Syria, the Sunni-Allawite cleavage has grown immensely. Primarily, the regime has been responsible for feeding those tensions by favoring Allawites in highly sensitive/significant security and military positions. For decades, Syria's minorities have been envied by the Sunni majority for their status. Today, the sectarian tensions are ripe for war. The nascent Free Syrian Army has used Sunni names for its brigades, and we saw increasing evidence of their Islamist leanings, but today, the Arab Digest presents the Sectarian anti-Allawite FSA videos:

This FSA video, below, is titled "the confessions of Assad's infidel Allawite Shabiha gangs":

Here is another Video of an Allawite girl, they accused of kidnapping Sunni girls in Homs. In the description, they say that this "Allawite hatred" appeared in the 1980s, and in their "occupation of security and military positions". She speaks in a clear Allawite accent:

In a third video titled "a confession of an Allawite Shabeeh about kidnapping and raping Sunni women":

PS. Notice that the videos all speak about the kidnapping and rape of Sunni women to incite their sect to rise up against "the Allawite regime"; they also try to send a message to Allawites to give up on the regime before it's too late.
Note: If you search Youtube for sectarian videos using the keyword Allawite or Hezbollah in Arabic, along with Assad or Syria or Shabeeh, you will find hundreds if not thousands of videos. A very bad sign indeed.


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