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January 10, 2012

Assad's speech today: a commentary!

January 10, 2012

January 10, 2012

The opening sentence was very symbolic of the Syrian President's speech and its content. After the attendees rose up clapping, chanting "we sacrifice our souls, our blood for you", Bashar Assad said "although I have been absent from the media, I miss such direct communication (with citizens) meetings". Of course, the communication he misses is one-sided, there are no follow-up questions from a news-hungry journalist.

The first bunch of speeches after the revolution were based on denial, and accusations of foreign conspiracy; the second carried more promises of reform, and was strongly trying to establish that there is a conspiracy. Then, we had denials of carrying out atrocities against civilians.

Today, the speech was all about "how right I was", a speech of self-vindication. "When I used to say this, no one believed me". "This is not about reform... terrorists do not care about reforms". A vindication of his ban on foreign media, how the ABC journalist duped him by removing his words out of context, but he had "the original video".

The speech came in the wake of the Russian navy ships arriving on Syria's coast, which was a message against foreign intervention in the country. It is critical of Arab countries who wanted that intervention, namely Qatar. It carried nothing new, except defiance and denial.


- Do you doubt that the Muslim Brothers 'National Council' are not executing on a plan they did not even draw up? Ask Haythem Manna', the leader of the other group. He spoke clearly about their 'connections' and 'obligation' and envied the dollars heaped upon them by Qatar.

- Do you doubt that the 'Free Syrian Army,' the Military Organization of the Muslim Brothers, receives arms, ammunition and training from the US, France and Turkey? Every foreign news sources of repute reported that - from Le Figaro to the London Independent.

- Do you think that Qatar and Saudi Arabia are bastions of democracy? Do you believe that their support of the Muslim Brothers 'National Council' (publicity, radio and TV networks, newspapers, etc.) is a part of their drive to export their free and unfettered (tribal) system of government to Syria?

But this is what Al-Assad, I believe was saying.

Further, I think Al-Assad did not address his speech to his nemesis. He spoke to his supporters. And he spoke in a language they probably like about matters they are concerned about, period.

The Tunisian President was right in mourning the Syrian Opposition, "splintered and armed!" The Muslim Brothers are currently going through a desperate phase and seem to be falling back on practices they followed in Egypt in the 1930s - burning Cairo - and car-bombing in Syria as in the 1970s and 1980s - in their strive to seize power - over the wishes of the Syrian people expressed by several OTHER opposition groups, within Syria, and not in bed with Syria's traditional enemies!

They didn't reach power then, and there are no reasons to believe they would now.

There is an article by Robert Fisk in the Independent. Mr. Fisk is not exactly an admirer of Assad. But he is clearly more honest than many who dealt with that speech:

On the other hand, I have not learnt anything new from the speech, and I did not actually expect much, apart from forming a National Coalition Government. This is what the Syrians should be fighting for, on the road to eliminate despotism and dictatorship!

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