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January 25, 2012

Thank you almanar ... apology accepted!

January 25, 2012

January 25, 2012

We have received an official apology from almanar TV, citing that they have dealt with the journalist who has plagiarized our series on the CIA in Lebanon. We thank almanar TV for its apology and correction.

The Arab Digest team.
(Here is the post's original version, that we now changed and have now withdrawn:
The Arab Digest is appalled by Hezbollah's almanar network, they have plagiarized our whole series on the CIA in Lebanon, and they have not mentioned a single word about who is behind it, and they even claimed that they are the real authors of the whole report.

here is the link to our series:

and here is the link to Almanar plagiarized and shameful report


They have done the same with us (NOW Lebanon-English). They have repeatedly copy/pasted our live coverage of Nasrallah speeches (in English) and never ever credited us.

They already apologized for this unprofessional behavior. and this is the link:

Excuse me but we have been following Nasrallah's speeches on Al-Manar English long before Now Lebanon even existed.

I don't see any need for you to keep positing this add, after Al Manar apologized and fired the responsible person for this issue. To be honest what you should be proud off is that you are realizing the truth of the "CIA" and whom ever copied it, does not matter cause you want the people to know the truth of everything... Keep the good job up

They have already apoogized and cut all relations with the person who wrote the article on there website. I think that counts for something.
And don't forget that the primary source of the information about the CIA people in Lebanon was a show hosted by Almanar TV, so..

ya ya take it easy arabdigest ,i think that almanar they are professional ,have you forgat what they did in the war in 2006 ?

عد عرض موقع قناة المنار تقريرين بعنوان "يوميات المخابرات الأميركية في بيروت..الأسماء والوقائع والصور" ونشرها باسم "نادر عز الدين"، وبعد أن تبين أن التقريرين هما أساساً قد نشرا على موقع إلكتروني باللغة الإنكليزية، يهم موقع المنار التالي:

يتقدم موقع المنار من موقع ومن جمهوره بالإعتذار لعدم نسب التقريرين إلى مصدرهما من قبل المستكتب "نادر عز الدين"، ويهم الموقع الإعلان عن قطع أي علاقة تربطه بالسيد عز الدين إعتباراً من تاريخ نشر هذا البيان

r u so happy cuz a well structured military media agency who's journalist are trained on facing military circumstances in addition to their great ideological, cultural and media (propaganda) abilities had a freelancer who copied your info s without crediting your agency who started the work on the CIA in Lebanon subject after a campaign that THEY (almanar)started in the beginning? well, for me as a reader of the Arab digest, i think it is outrageous that u still post the first attack on almanar now that you know that they did more than the necessary to restore your rights and give you the respect that you deserve by rules of collaboration in the domain and especially after firing the freelancer who did the outrageous act.

Thank you all for your comments. As we said above, we are happy with the apology. Re-Ilya, it is true that almanar started the campaign, but we credited them and Hezbollah for the information. Today, they acknowledged the mistake, and we thanked them for their impressive courage in dealing with the matter (I've heard they're content with our response, so it's settled). However, we need to keep the original post in the end so that people could understand the context.

Ah OK. thanks for clearing it up and i hope the rest of the media institutions in our country and in the region learn to interact following this example of civilized dynamic and action/reaction.kind regards.

The responses here are typical of the attitude toward plagiarism in Lebanon, where it happens all the time and people don't seem to think it's a problem. The universities are full of this mentality also, where students prefer to copy and paste instead of thinking or writing anything for themselves. The amount of time I spent policing students about plagiarism was deeply depressing.

You would think that in the media, attitudes would be a bit better, but plagiarism and a lack of professionalism are rampant in the press also. I’ve had similar problems with al-Akhbar (which I consider the best newspaper in Lebanon), like when a work email of mine was (mis)translated and then published without my permission or even bothering to contact me to verify that the email was, in fact, genuine.

Translation/reading comprehension errors included things like "كمبيوتر صغير" instead of "دفتر" for "notebook" and "خاتم" for "bag," which I can only imagine came from a double error of mistaking "bag" for the French "bague" and then translating into Arabic. In any case, it was super sloppy and beneath the quality standards of even a student newspaper.

I know of broadcast journalists that have been caught plagiarizing without any consequences. The idea that al-Manar should get a free pass on this is ridiculous.

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