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December 21, 2011

The No Non-Sense Guide to the CIA - Part II

December 21, 2011

December 21, 2011

The Arab Digest has compiled new information on the activities of the CIA in the Middle East, based on the information revealed by Hezbollah on the agency's activity in Lebanon (All of which have been documented in part I of our series). The CIA has been using the Retiree Activities Office (RAO) in Lebanon, and other similar staff position at U.S. embassies as a platform for clandestine work that includes information gathering on Hezbollah and other "unfriendly" organisations.
The Arab Digest has examined a large number of Embassy cables, and have found one, in which Louis Kahi, named by Hezbollah as the former CIA station chief in Beirut (till 2009), uses the acronym RAO as an official title (Michel Sasson, the ambassodor is the CDA, Charge D'Affaires. For an incomplete list of acronyms used by the embassies, click here).
According to its website, the Retiree Activities Office (RAO) "provides current information and assistance to military retirees, their dependents and survivors who reside in the local RAO area of responsibility and coordinates retiree volunteer assistance to many base organizations". The Wikileaks cable has provided the following information on Kahi:

"Louis Kahi ---------- RAO Office 961-4-544-260 4204 Mobile 961-3-228-860" (I haven't tried the number yet, why don't you and let me know what happens:)

I am wondering how many U.S. military retirees live in Lebanon. Of course, none! Has the CIA run out of imagination to use a defunct title for its operatives?

Chuck Iisendee

A series of Wikileaks cables from the Khartoum embassy where Chuck Lisendee


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