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December 05, 2011

Hezbollah captures Israeli spy devices!

December 05, 2011

December 05, 2011

BEIRUT/SRIFA, Lebanon: Hezbollah displayed over the weekend what it said was the Israeli spying device that caused a large explosion in south Lebanon Friday.
On Hezbollah’s Al-Manar satellite television station, images of the device showed several monitoring devices connected to each other by wire.
Hezbollah claimed that the spying device had been uncovered by its operatives before it had been detonated remotely by Israel. The party disputed initial claims that two people had been injured in the blast.
According to the station, a large espionage device had been concealed underground close to the southern villages of Srifa and Deir Kifa, and had been used to infiltrate Hezbollah’s telecommunications network to relay information back to Israeli occupied Shebaa farms.
Fearing unprecedented missile fire in a future war, the IDF has drafted plans to equip military forces operating on the northern front – Lebanon and Syria – with supplies and ammunition from bases in central and southern Israel.

The plans were recently approved by head of the IDF’s Logistics and Technology Directorate Maj.-Gen. Danny Biton.

The IDF assessment is that in a future war, Hezbollah will have the ability to fire up to 600 missiles and rockets into Israel on a daily basis, impairing the military’s ability to resupply its forces from bases in the North.


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