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December 31, 2011

Israeli French scientist died in an attempted threesome in central Tel Aviv

December 31, 2011

December 31, 2011

A pro-Iranian group claimed responsibility for the killing of a 70 year old French-Israeli Professor who was stabbed to death, and then burnt in his house on one of the city's most important streets (named after its first mayor, Meir Dizengoff). But the Professor was actually trying to get a threesome when the female escorts killed him; is this the new modus operandi of Iranian intelligence? They lure you in with a threesome, then they kill you. It would be interesting if they're recruiting escorts now, The Martyr's escort Brigades.
His body was later found by fire fighters wrapped in a bag. Hezbollah's Arabic language publication, alintiqad, also reported that Lallouz was active in the the world union of Jewish students (which basically doesn't mean anything).
An Israeli website (see below) later claimed that the police arrested two women escorts and two male accomplices in the murder; they were invited to his house and killed him in attempted burglary. They stole his tv sets.

The previously unknown group, which now seems a hoax, announced in statement #1 that it carried out an assassination of the "Zionist Chemistry Expert" Dr. Elie Lallouz (Israeli media called him Eli Laluz) who is a French citizen and a graduate of the Weizmann Institute of Science (rehovot), in retaliation to a Mossad assassination of General Hassan Tehrani, the Architect of the Iranian missile program. The Israeli press referred to him as a foreigner, and declined to further report it as the Israeli authorities issued a "gag order" to maintain secrecy; the Arab Digest can confirm that Lallouz is Israeli and emigrated following the 1973 war, and received his PhD from the Weizmann Institute where he also worked. Lallouz was a friend of Haifa Mayor Yona Yahav. The missing link is the fact that Lallouz worked for years as a Professor Emeritus in Chemistry, but has only one publication in 1969, even before he received his PhD in Israel. Was he doing an administrative job, or working for the government, or possibly published under another name?

(Photo: the statement in Arabic)

The group that called itself "the Brigades of the martyr general Hassan Tahrani Mokadem" said that it killed Lallouz (spelled it lolaz in the Arabic statement) on last Monday, the 26th of December. "One of our operatives entered the home of a Professor in Dizengoff street in Tel Aviv, and killed him with a knife. then he burnt the house in a complex way. The mujahideen returned to their bases in peace". The statement also mentioned that "the operation comes as a first response to the assassination of Marty Hassan Tahrani Mokadem, who is an Iranian Brigadier killed in a Mossad bombing in Tehran". Mokadem was the architect of the Iranian Missile program; he was specifically responsible for the Iranian long range missile program (photo below). His assassination was a blow to Iranian missile efforts. but I think the group will claim other revenge attacks, as many Iranian scientists have been assassinated by the Israelis so far.

The Jerusalem Post had reported the following on the incident:

Firefighters responding to a call in Tel Aviv discovered the body of a 70-year-old foreign national in a burned-out apartment on Tuesday. Police investigators arrived at the scene on Dizengoff Street, and suspect the man was murdered. While this was not immediately clear, a pathologist’s report later led to suspicions that he was stabbed. Although the circumstances of the incident are not yet clear, homicide detectives believe the murderer(s) set fire to the home to cover up evidence of the crime. Police are still attempting to ascertain the man’s origins, and have so far been unable to find identifying documents in the home. He may have come from France or Switzerland, they said. (they had a follow up report here)

(Dizengoff Street where the Israeli professor was reportedly killed)

The seemingly hoax statement assassination comes amid heightened tensions between the CIA and Hezbollah after the exposure of American agents stationed in Lebanon, where they were passing information to the Israelis. (Check the Arab Digest's No Nonsense Guide to the CIA in Lebanon part I, part II & part III for the full story on the agency's operations in Beirut).

PS. The Arab Digest is looking into claims that Lallouz has an Arabic connection, mainly Casablanca, Morocco, although I feel that it is a totally different person, in spite of the age similarity. See the discussion thread here. Will keep you updated.

An Israeli website claimed that it was a robbery, and that the Israeli police arrested two women who were invited by Lallouz to his apartment, before they attempted to steal his house. The Israeli police also arrested two male accomplices. So basically, the 70 year old professor wanted a threesome in Tel Aviv, then he ended up murdered in a wrapped bag. Then an unknown Iranian group issues a statement in the name of an assassinated Iranian General claiming to kill the guy, and providing details. I am still in doubt.


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