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December 15, 2011

The Free Syrian Army kills 27, Washington promotes defections

December 15, 2011

December 15, 2011

While Syrian activists announced that the Free Syrian Army killed 27 from the army and security services in Deraa, Southern Syria, Washington signalled that it is using the Human Rights Watch name and shame report to split the Syrian army by offering amnesty to those who defect early. Here is the State Department "Syria man" statement, read between the lines:

The State Department official, Frederic Hof, told Congress on Wednesday that Assad's repression may allow him to hang on to power but only for a short time.
"Our view is that this regime is the equivalent of dead man walking," said Hof, the State Department's pointman on Syria, which he said was turning into "Pyongyang in the Levant," a reference to the North Korean capital. He said it was difficult to determine how much time Assad has left in power but stressed "I do not see this regime surviving."

In an apparent bid to promote defections, Hof warned Syrian troops and Assad's top aides that Assad may be setting them up for possible war crimes or criminal charges by claiming in an interview with ABC News last week that the army was not his to command.
"It's difficult to imagine a more craven disclaimer of responsibility," Hof told members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. "Perhaps it is a rehearsal for the time when accountability will come."


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