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December 17, 2011

The Free Syrian Army in Action: They look like the Taliban!

December 17, 2011

December 17, 2011

And finally, we have a footage of the Free Syrian Army, and I tell you this: they look like the Taliban! One of the main fighters wears a Turban and has a long beard; he looks like an Afghan fighter. The fighters look very religious, conservative, like most Syrians; but the main fighter is a bit exceptional in his dress. I am not a fan of militarising the Syrian revolution, it offers an exit to the Syrian regime through showing Islamists like this guy in charge. Check the video here. (Telegraph)

Here is another footage obtained by the Associated press showing the FSA "in action", you could spot another Taliban type in the video, getting out of the hospital. And you also spot one of them arresting a civilian and searching him, not very nice people I must say. They were screaming at him and dragging him. They reminded me of the Syrian regime.

In other, more cheerful news on Syria, The National Syrian Council (NSC) is holding its congress in Tunisia. (photo: Ghalioun meets Tunisia's new President Muncef Marzouqi):

It is clear the SNC is trying to contain the FSA and stop them from turning the revolution into a violence and Sectarian fiasco. They want to restrict their action to defending civilians and demonstrators rather than attacking government position and launching revenge attacks. Here is an excerpt from a BBC report:

Earlier this month, the SNC said it had agreed to co-ordinate action with the Free Syrian Army (FSA), largely made up of renegade soldiers.
The council said the FSA had agreed to reduce attacks on government forces.


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