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December 19, 2011

A Syrian dissident calls for the ethnic cleansing of minorities!

December 19, 2011

December 19, 2011

Rhetoric in Syria's revolution took a dangerous Sectarian shift with former Syrian MP and opposition activist Mamoun Homsi, 56, making ethnic cleansing threats against minorities. He clearly stated that in Syria, "there will be no minorities", and called for the obliteration of the ruling Allawite community. The Arab Digest has transcribed and translated this video:

"I salute the heroic Syrian People, I salute the heroes of Syria, the Sunnis of Syria. I salute you men defending your country and religion. After today, you despicable Allawites, either you disassociate yourselves from Assad, or Syria will be your graveyard. Enough with your killing of Sunnis, we will not be silent after today. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and the initiator is the aggressor.
After today, there will be no more minorities. I swear, if you (Allawites) do not disassociate yourselves from this gang and these killings, we will teach you a lesson that you will not forget. We will wipe you off from Syria and its land.
Enough, ten months of killing women and children ... today, Homs, Hama, and Deir el Zour are wounded. We will not be silent after today. The whole world will exile you. We will make Syria a graveyard for Allawites if they did not stop killing. Long live Syria and down with political Shiism ... you will know who Sunnis are after today".

Homsi descends from Homs which has witnessed increasing sectarian killings in past months.

On the other hand, opposition leaders have started their negative responses to Homsi's statements on Syria. Yassin Al Haj Saleh, the Leftist intellectual and dissident who spend 17 years in Assad's prisons, said on his Facebook page: "I haven't seen and I will not try to see what Mamoun Homsi said. But the little I know about him is enough to allow me to wish him for my enemies". Poet Faraj Bayrakdar, who also descends from Homs, requested an apology from Homsi, or otherwise "never get in touch again".


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