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December 02, 2011

Egypt's Islamists: Saudi in foreign policy, and Taleban domestically

December 02, 2011

December 02, 2011

An interesting thing on Egypt's Islamists is the fact that they have no problem keeping their "strategic" alliance with the U.S. or even preserve their peace with Israel. I just saw a video by Hazem Abu Ismaiil, an Islamist candidate for the Egypt's presidency. He says that he doesn't mind travelling to America or dealing with the Americans, he only prefers to do that after he is elected; in another statement, he says that even the "shameful" Camp David accord could be preserved, but for the right "price" from the Americans (and not Mubarak's $2 Billions price tag). Very cheap price, in his opinion.
The Islamists' only issue is really women. How to hide them? Cover them? imprison them? Beat them up, and transform them into slaves by the word of God.
There is a direct relation between occupation and women's repression. Political scientists who lived under Israeli occupation, say that violence against women increased due to the daily humiliation that men (and women) face at checkpoints and on the national level. She is the underdog who is beaten by the humiliated man; a replacement for the formidable and untouchable enemy. In Egypt, the Islamists, will of course prostrate in front of the Americans and Israelis; the women will ultimately and unfortunately pay the price.

(photo: Hazem Abu Ismail, an Islamist candidate for Egypt's presidency)


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