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December 24, 2011

Is the CIA Beirut Chief's wife the unnamed spy woman?

December 24, 2011

December 24, 2011

The wife of Dan Mcfeely, the exposed CIA chief in Beirut, was a U.S. diplomat in Iraq, where she featured in a photograph (below) with General David Petraeus, the Central Intelligence Agency's current director, and her fellow Alumnus at Princeton University. Petraeus and Mcfeely (the wife) are both Princeton university Alumnus, only two decades apart (graduated in 1987 and 2007, respectively). Hezbollah had exposed four CIA agents out of Ten, including one spy woman, Sarah Getter, but implied that there were more by saying "some are women". So is Mcfeely's wife the second CIA spy woman stationed in Beirut?

(In this 2008 photo, Mcfeely is standing to the left of General Petraeus in a Princeton Baghdad Alumni party).
The C.I.A. has been know for employing couples, husband and wife. Sometimes, and while the husband deals with the male figures, the wife keeps her eyes and ears open in parties and social meetings. In the memoirs of one "CIA wife", she states “We lied about our husband’s jobs, stalled inquisitive policemen, befriended minister’s wives, kept our ears open at parties, deflected the children’s questions, and worried in silence alone. We were the CIA wives. You never knew us”. Another CIA couple are the Baers, Dayna (a shooter!) and Robert (an operative); they have written a book called The Company We Keep on their Mr. and Mrs. Smith experiences working for the CIA). Here is a photo of both Mr. and Mrs. Mcfeely in a Lebanon Party, they were entertaining this guy:

(Her hair is different in this photo, probably trying to get a chic look in Beirut. In order to know that she's the same person, I got some help and measured different facial and body features)

Now, we have a new couple, their names came fresh from the oven, maybe raw, as Hezbollah has exposed their names two years after they arrived in Beirut. Mcfeely, as you have noticed from the photo, was based in Iraq until recently, probably 2009, when her husband became the Beirut Station's chief. (check our two part guide below for the full CIA story in Lebanon). According to a State Department Directory, Mrs. Mcfeely is also an Economic/Commercial officer in Beirut's embassy. But a Daily Star story quoted her as the Vice Consul. And then, again, in a meeting with Lebanon's army chief, Jean Ahwaji, she is described as the "Security Advisor" to the U.S. Ambassador Maura Connelly.

In Baghdad, Mcfeely seems to have played a significant role. For instance, in this post on a meeting between American officials and an Iraqi Christian party, she was described as a "Political Officer" (They are usually unnamed in diplomatic cables and referred to as PO). In another post on the website of Tareq hashimi, the Iraqi Vice President, she discusses with him the release and the rehabilitation of Iraqi detainees in U.S. prisons. She is described as the "human rights officer" at the American embassy.
In a nutshell, Andrea Mcfeely is the Economic/Commercial/Vice Consul/Security Advisor/Human Rights Officer/Political Officer; this woman must be either a Swiss Knife, or a CIA agent!

PS. (For background information on Mcfeely's husband, and the whole CIA in Lebanon saga, please refer to our two part series on the agency, The no nonsense guide to the CIA in Lebanon-Part I, Part II)


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