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November 29, 2011

The US claims Wikileaks caused no real damage!

November 29, 2011

November 29, 2011

An interesting article from the Guardian today on Manning, the Military intelligence officer who leaked this massive trove of Wikileaks documents.

"The filing also claims a defence department review found that all the information allegedly leaked was either dated, represented low-level opinions, or was already known because of previous public disclosures."

My take on the Defence department review is that it is untrue. Since the Wikileaks documents were out, and on every level, there have been scandals and political careers of America's potential allies were ruined. In Lebanon for instance, two career ministers, Yasseen Jaber and Jawad Khalife, were driven out of office after Wikileaks revealed their hidden antagonistic stances towards Hezbollah. In Kuwait, the interior minister's Wikileaks statement on Guantanamo detainees made headlines, and troubled the government. The documents increased the pressure on American diplomats; many politicians refuse to speak comfortably and freely with American diplomats. An American diplomat has told me that their allies in the Gulf are more reserved in expressing their opinions.
The importance of Manning's disclosures will only be known in the next few years. There will be many academic and journalist books based on the Wikileaks disclosures. Regarding the US national security per se, I do not think it will be affected, as the dangers are already overstated and manipulated for political reasons. The national interests will be hurt in the short run, but not on the scale that would alter the current status quo.


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