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August 19, 2011

Press Release :: Syrian Revolution General Commission

August 19, 2011

August 19, 2011

Believing in the importance of the team work and the dire need to unite the field,
media, and political efforts, and realizing the necessity of joining all efforts in
one work front merging all visions of all revolutionaries from all coalitions and
coordinators mutually focusing primarily on toppling the oppressive and abusive
regime then building Syria, a democratic and civil State of institutions that grants freedom, equality, dignity, and respect of human rights to all citizens.

We announce today the establishment of “Syrian Revolution General
Commission” the result of merging all the signatory Syrian Revolution blocs both
inside and outside Syria and those who are invited to join as well in order to
have through this Commission a representation of the revolutionaries all over
our beloved Syria.

We reiterate our commitment to the blood of the thousands of fallen heroes and
the sacrifices of tens of thousands of prisoners of opinion who were tortured,
Displaced, and persecuted to light up our path towards freedom and to rise up
the fire of dignity and pride. We hereby renew our vow to all of them that we
shall not betray the pact we sealed together nor deviate from the path they
walked through and sacrificed for. We shall not allow anyone to fail these
sacrifices nor use them for personal gains.

The signatories of this statement extend their open invitation to other
coordinators, groups, and blocs hoping that they too join efforts under this
Commissions to achieve the goals of the revolution and bring out its voice to all
corners of the world so that we present our vision in a united manner that rises
up to the efforts of those effectuating the revolution on the ground in every
city, town, and village across Syria.


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