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August 04, 2011

Bayanoni and the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood

August 04, 2011

August 04, 2011

I met Ali Bayanoni in his North London house in 2005. The man is charismatic, and charming; you barely notice he is Islamic for some reason. Bayanoni does not look like the rest of the Brotherhood; he understands the nuances of the Western world, what is politically correct, and he has respect for the diversity in Syria's political scene. He was behind the brotherhood's rapprochement to the Assad regime after the Gaza war, and for the nuanced political program that advocated plurality. He also pledged that the Syrian Christian and Allawite are closer to him than the non-Syrian Muslim. Quite an interesting character. Unfortunately, in August last year, Bayanoni stepped down from the MB leadership, and Mohamad Reyad Al-Shakfeh, a hardliner from the radical military wing took over. Shakfeh is from Aleppo where the infamous massacre of 20 thousand Syrians took place in 1982. I think if Bayanoni was still in charge, he would have been a more prominent figure than the dull Shakfeh, no character and charisma at all.
Here is an article by Bayanoni on Assad 


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