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July 05, 2011

Statement by the Local Coordinating Committees (LCC) On the alleged "National Dialogue Conference"

July 05, 2011

July 05, 2011

The so-called: "National Dialogue Committee" which has been recently appointed by the Syrian regime has decided to conduct a "consultation meeting" on the 10th of July, which is supposedly going to establish the basis and rules of a dialogue, that prepare...s for the "National Dialogue Conference" as was mentioned in the official regime’s media. The Local Coordination Committees in Syria would like to stress that the above-mentioned meeting and all that may result from it do not in any way represent a real "national dialogue" upon which people can rely for a solution, for the following reasons:     1- This move by the regime is the result of the internal pressure by the daily revolutionary demonstrations on the one hand; and on the other hand is a response to the several international calls to find a "political solution" to what they call "the Syrian crisis"; a solution still believed to be found under a regime that they still regard as legitimate in spite of all the planned systematic violence against the peaceful demonstrators over 4 months so far. Needless to say that this regime has actually fallen morally, politically and nationally, and betting on its survival will only prolong the suffering of civilians.     2 – This move has been taken by the regime while its forces are continuing its siege and shelling with tanks and artillery of many cities, and are still killing, arbitrarily detaining many protestors and torturing them to death in some cases, in addition to the other aspects of abuse and violence against civilians. This indicates that the regime’s aim in calling for this “dialogue” is just to influence the main international powers, and not really to respond to the demands of the Syrian people. It is known that none of the basic conditions for a dialogue that we mentioned in previous statements were implemented, and in particular:  - Stopping all forms of killing and violence against peaceful demonstrators.  - Lifting the siege imposed on the provinces and cities in Syria and returning all the military units to their military sites.  - The release of all the political detainees (including peaceful demonstrators) in Syria.  - Stopping the chasing of peaceful demonstrators, political and human rights activists; and not repressing the peaceful demonstration in any way and rather taking responsibility of ensuring the safety of the demonstrators. - Stopping all forms of pro-regime propaganda that is taking place on the governmental and semi-governmental media, in which people who call for freedom are being accused of treason. - Allowing foreign media to have access to Syria in order to cover the current events.     3 - The primary objective of the dialogue from our point of view, which is the ending of the current regime and the peaceful transition to a new civil, democratic regime in Syria, is still completely rejected by the regime. This is clearly evidenced by the working of the invitation to the "National Dialogue", which restricted the aims of the dialogue by "discussing the necessary changes to the state’s constitution and the blueprints of new legislations".     In the absence of real political solutions and while the regime is trying to gain time and circumvent the legitimate demands of the people in the transition to a democratic system, we believe that continuing our peaceful revolution is the only way to achieve all of our objectives. May mercy be upon our martyrs and may victory be for our revolution for a free, democratic Syria.     5-7-2011  


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