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June 20, 2011

The turnover in Syria's prisons: 50,000 arrests

June 20, 2011

June 20, 2011

It is just amazing how quick Syrians are in demonstrating against the regime. They are staging quick and small demonstrations almost in every city, check this one in Deraa. An interesting fact, highlighted in this article by Yasseen Haj Saleh, is that the demonstrations in Syria's revolution have been many, though smaller in size. The reason for that has to do with the regime's cruelty. When there are so many small demonstrations, the regime's ability to repress diminishes. Also, one would notice the small demonstrations held at night time in Syria, as it is much easier for participants to run away.

One more point I was discussing with a colleague today is that the number of the arrested in Syria has reached 50,000. Now, the regime is infamous for a fast turnover in arrests; for instance, it is being reported that there are 10,000 detained. The regime, to tackle the large number of participants, is releasing demonstrators after a tour in its torture chambers, then it is arresting a fresh group of activists from the streets. I think someone should report on that turnover aspect in Syrian repression.


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