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June 20, 2011

Statement by the Local Coordinating Committees in Syria Regarding Assad Speech

June 20, 2011

June 20, 2011

The president's speech came after a long absence of any Syrian official to address the uprising people, constituting only a repeat of the previous speeches -  including the promises which did not materialize, and the veiled threats and accusations, or directly under the umbrella of the vocabulary of empty about plot and plotters.
Not even close to the speech of a national crisis which is affecting the country since three months ago, and he insisted to have blind eye on the facts that becomes clear to anyone who wants to see. The most important fact is the Syrians willing and desire in the transition the country to a democratic, free and pluralistic.
The Local Coordinating Committees in Syria sees in the speech of the President, consecration of the crisis by regime that entrenches behind the denial and a blind eye to see the new reality imposed by the continuous Syrians revolution and it will be continue until they get their rights. It is also, complete disregard for the crimes of the security of the system that committed acts of murder and mutilation of thousands and the arrest of demonstrators and activists whom most of them still have unknown fate until this moment. On the other hand, the Local Coordinating Committees, in the view of the alleged call for dialogue contained in the speech sees that it is a way to gain more time at the expense of the Syrians blood and the sacrifices.
we have announced previously, we rejected any dialogue  in the  light of the continued killings and intimidation and the siege of cities and arbitrary arrests.  As we believe that there will be no benefit of any dialogue if it is not intended to turn the current page of the regime, peacefully, a shift towards a new, democratic and free  Syria - for all its citizens. The true  response to that speech came by the people just right after the speech in few minutes  when the demonstrations started in various cities and provinces.
Our revolution will continue
Compassion to our martyrs and victory of our revolution for a free, democratic Syria.


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