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June 19, 2011

Karzai: the Americans open talks with the Taliban

June 19, 2011

June 19, 2011

They are negotiating their withdrawal, but the question is what will happen with him and his warlords. Sources in Afghanistan have informed me that the warlords are preparing for a confrontation in the aftermath of the  withdrawal of foreign forces. Apparently, each of them is bidding for a stronger role in that particular stage. These same sources told me that the warlords are still acting as if there is no Taliban around to bid for power. Very strange, but it is nevertheless reminiscent of another case where the international community through Lakhdar Brahimi, brought warlords into power: Lebanon. There, the warlords are still operating in a semi-conflict, fueled by geopolitical rent and polarization. Ofcourse, alliances have been reshuffled since the end of the civil war. But like in Afghanistan, same old same old.
Here is Karzai's statement (most probably, he will have to go to Saudi Arabia as a part of any deal):

"Hamid Karzai said "foreign militaries, especially the United States of America, are going ahead with these negotiations", confirming speculation that the US was pursuing its own initiative to find a political settlement to the decade-long war.
Speaking in Kabul, he said: "Peace talks have started with [the Taliban] already and it is going well."


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