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June 25, 2011

The CIA infiltrated Hezbollah

June 25, 2011

June 25, 2011

It does make some sense that the CIA is infiltrating Hezbollah, as the Americans are considered much less of an enemy than the Israelis. This is interesting on many levels, as the Israelis have always posed as another player when infiltrating the resistance movements.

"The head of Hezbollah has said two of the Lebanese Islamist group's members have confessed to working for the CIA.
Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah said a third man was under investigation, accused of spying for the US intelligence agency.
The three men, who have been detained, had not compromised Hezbollah or its military capabilities, he said.
The US, which lists Hezbollah as a terrorist organisation, insisted there was no truth in Sheikh Nasrallah's claims.
Embassy 'spying centre'?
In a video message aired on Friday, Mr Nasrallah accused the US of working on Israel's behalf.
"The Israelis failed to penetrate the structure of Hezbollah so they have turned to the CIA for help," he said.
"The information that those CIA officers requested from the (members) does not interest the American administration, it is military details that interests Israel in any war"


Maybe. Maybe not.

I've seen this report on several news sites. And it could be that the two guys are CIA spies.

Or perhaps Nasrallah is paranoid and cleaning house. Anyone who spends as much time hiding as he does has to have a streak of paranoia as wide as Hamra Street.

The most likely scenario is, Hizbollah is undergoing a purge. Saddam used to do this to keep the people under him off balance. You take two guys you don't like who hold middle-level positions, accuse them of working for the CIA/the Jews/the Saudis/al-Qaeda/whatever, force them to confess. It puts everyone else on notice. Capish?

Knowing Nasrallah and his organisation, I would say they are always paranoid, and their world consists of conspiracies and more conspiracies. About the purge, I think they are very much homogeneous and believe in Khamenei's and Nasrallah's absolute command. So there is no need for a purge.
A precedent in this case would be Nayef Kreim's sacking from Al-Manar. He showed sympathy with Khatami's ideas and so Hezbollah demonstrated that they tolerate little nuance in their leadership, he was quickly sacked.

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